Here is “about” where we started:

George Costanza had “The Summer of George.”

I have “The Spring of Sara.”

From March to May, between one job and the next, I have almost 3 months of freedom to explore the world around me and the crazy thoughts in my head; to wrestle with insanity, doubt, frustration, excitement — the possibilities of spring.

For now these are my observations, interesting anecdotes and random insights — seeds I am planting in the hope that they’ll grow into something useful come summer.

Here is “about” where we are:

May came and went, new job came and still is, life has unfolded in ways planned and unplanned. Here continue to be my observations, interesting (I hope) anecdotes and random insights deemed worth sharing while I attempt to assemble the plane that is my life in mid-flight.

Sara Sedgwick Brown


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Maria Bjorg Agustsdottir says:

    Awesome blog bud! Will be dropping by here often. Miss our coffee talks about life. Hurry over to Iceland for coffee, very soon I am not going to be 20-something and then I better know what I really want to do in life. 😉

  2. Eric Gittleman says:

    Hi Sara, one of the people I follow on Twitter shared a recent blog post, and I was throughly delighted to discover your thought-provoking work. You Ivy Leaguers are better than us Big Ten people! 😀

    It’s been 11 years since we have seen each other. 11 years is a long time. In fact, the last active memory of you is in association football when you were starting on a state championship team as a sophomore. Fun times!

    We’ve obviously been getting old, and a lot has changed. I see that you are taken and it breaks my heart (nah, just messing; you’re awesome :-D).

    I look forward to more insights, and keep up the good work!


  3. I just left a comment on your blog about females and being thin.

    Being strong for your body type to minimize the risk for injury, eating properly, and getting enough rest on a daily basis are the keys to success. Being strong can only be attained with safe and age-appropriate training to play sports.

    I encouage you to continue and speak/write so young female athletes understand that thin is not the goal for teen female athletes. Young females need older female role models who have gone through the process.

  4. Melanie Galloway says:

    Sara!!! I miss you and went looking for you on Facebook only to learn via this blog you gave it up 😉 we need to catch up soon!

  5. DON says:

    BREAKDOWN … BREAKTHROUGH, ENF…. frickin’ awesome.
    I was looking for the correct spelling of your name and stumbled on your blog.
    I love how you write. Kinda like merging train of thought and “oh… hey.. I’m talkin’ to you!”

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